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Everything works off of SURNAME pages... Cox , Story, Bowles, Maggard, Smith, Johnson , Matthews , Strother/StrawtherNichols, McCoy, Ranes, BurchWebster, Davis, Dyson, Tennison, Gresham, Parr, Gee, Bennett, Baugh, Ackert (so far).  And surnamed pages from other Bethel friends & families:  Halcomb  Vaughn  Carter  Kopp 


Neil Cox's Guide-page...

(Here's my wiki-bio page -- more than you'd ever want to know, LOL.)


I'm exploring the possibilities of at least using a portion of the Bethel wiki somewhat as Glenna Mosgrove used her book to reproduce the history of Bethel and its many affiliated people.  Notice that she included some family genealogies, because our families are often so integrally intertwined with the church life.  I'm thinking that very possibly this wiki could serve to pick up the trail, so to speak, from where Glenna left off in 1948.  And because of the internet's new-found power to help recreate the historical trail, perhaps the Bethel wiki might even add to the pre-1948 history... especially if it helps us flesh-out our various family genealogies.


That being said, remember... there are WAY BETTER websites for genealogies, than this wiki.  But perhaps none will be simpler for you to actually PARTICIPATE in.  Thus there's a trade-off.  So let's use the wiki to at least begin... and then we'll link to more formalized genealogical sites as they continue to grow and prove themselves useful for the task at hand.


Disclaimer:   I know very little about the official howto's of documenting genealogy... so what you see below is pretty much 'free form' until I become better-instructed.  And since this is a wiki, ANYONE (with the password) is free to assist me, by correcting/improving my format or detail.


A great work on the Nichols-Bowles genealogy has already been compiled by Jon Huffman.


Since much of this line came from Barren County, Kentucky (Glasgow area), some very helpful sites to visit...


Other Genealogical Resources:

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